It's not if. It's when. Are you and your business prepared for a cyberattack?

Often, people don’t act on vulnerabilities until it’s too late. Don’t gamble with cybersecurity.

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It's not IF. It's WHEN. Are you and your business prepared for a cyberattack?
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Cybersecurity insurance is an increasingly prevalent aspect of protecting your IT systems. And the government is starting to do something substantial about it.

"On Feb. 15, California Assemblyman Ed Chau, representing the Western San Gabriel Valley, introduced AB 2320. If passed, this would require any entity with a contract with any California government agency or department that “receives or has access to any records which contain any Personal Information” to “carry cyber insurance sufficient to cover all losses resulting from potential unlawful access to or disclosure of personal information. "

This is landmark legislation and a promising advancement in cybersecurity. And a huge benefit to building a robust IT infrastructure.

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